26 April - 27 May 2006

Hamiltons proudly presents an exhibition of new paintings by British artist, Richard White.

Concentrating on the primitive image structure in nature, White composes his work with a sense of musicality and serenity, replacing realism with a detailed exploration of the natural world. Through form and colour he depicts a unified visual effect, which is both abstract and figurative. "My inspiration is drawn from watching the effects of sunlight on nature, whether it be foliage or water and capturing the reflections and distortions it plays upon that particular landscape."

White commences each work by taking black and white photographs of his chosen slice of landscape. These act as a skeleton from which he explores what is before him and thereafter expresses it with what he perceives to be the most vivid and logical form. White's intricate, labour intensive process results in an array of shapes where colour and tone are created from intuition and lead to a heightened sense of season and mood. "I use nature as a mirror for my own form of expression."

Born in 1978, White currently lives and works in London. Since graduating from Northumbria University (2000) where he won the British Airways Travel award, he has exhibited internationally. London: Hamiltons, Group Show (2005), Mark Jason Fine Art, Group Show (2004), Sarah Myerscough, Miniatures (2003), Stephen Lacey Gallery (2001/2/3), Art London (2001/3). New York: Burst, The Slingshot Project (2002). Miami: Scope Art Fair, Slingshot Project (2003). Paris. Florence: de Voldere, Laurier (2003). White featured in the Evening Standard, 50 Bright Young Things (2003) and recently won the Peoples Choice Award in a national art competition broadcast on channel 5 (2004).

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